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Valor - Hannes Becker - Vivo

Valor - Hannes Becker - Vivo

Valor - Lohan Steyn - Swartwater

Valor - Frank Lawrence - Douglas

Valor - Lohan Steyn - Swartwater
17 Tubers from 1 plant
    4 Large
    7 Largemedium
    4 Medium
    2 Small




Valor is a main crop variety producing high yields of large uniform white skinned creamed fleshed tubers of excellent baking and pre-packing quality. An ideal variety for organic production due to outstanding resistance to blight and potato cyst Nematodes. Combines high resistance and tolerance to PCN Ro1 and Pallida

The variety exhibits good resistance to drought and is very tolerant to heat stress which makes the variety very suitable for growing in the desert lands throughout the world.

Additional Characteristics

Potato Virus Y
Potato Leaf Roll Virus
Common Scab
Black Leg
Tuber Blight
Foliage Blight


Medium term
Medium to good resistance
High tolerance
Mid term
Good resistance
Medium resistance
Good resistance
Good resistance
Good resistance
Good resistance
Good resistance